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flow yoga mat

by yogigo

Regular price€85,00 Sale price

flow yoga mat

by yogigo

Regular price€85,00 Sale price
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Push your boundaries, turn up the heat, try challenging poses, or just relax into your favorite flow.

yogigo flow yoga mats are 178 cm long x 61 cm wide and 3.5 mm thick.

Sustainably sourced natural rubber base, wet absorbent middle microfiber layer, anti-skid top layer.

PVC free, no harmful materials. Friendly to your practice and to the Planet.

Your yoga mat can either be a tool to keep you focused and present or end up as a distraction that disrupts your flow.

Triple layer yogigo flow yoga mat is designed specifically for yoga practitioners that experience a lot of sweating during their sessions (sweaty hands, practicing Bikram yoga).

Where traditional PVC yoga mats become slippery and unusable when damp, flow yoga mat offers a comfortable grip that gives you stability and structure as your body moves.

No bunching, no slipping, no sliding: natural rubber layer sticks well on the floor and provides stability so you can focus on your moment.

Extra grippy: the sweatier the better! Flow yoga mats were designed for yogis who experience a lot of sweating during their practice.

Unique anti-skid layer: transparent and extra thin top layer provides the grip even if the hands are not sweaty (yet).

Excellent yoga mat for yogis who are looking for that perfect grip, quality and sustainability.

All yogigo yoga mats are made only from sustainably sourced materials and shipped in plastic-free packaging;

yogigo works with the shipping companies that offset the carbon footprint to zero.

We come to you eco!

The lifespan of your yoga mat can be prolonged with proper care. It is important to keep yogigo yoga mat clean, and the frequency of washing depends on the intensity of your yoga practice.

When it is time to clean flow yoga mat, put it in the washing machine, select a gentle (hand wash, cold water, no detergent) cycle, and when it is ready, hang the mat to dry. Do not place the mat in the dryer.

experience quality

experience quality

Now you can enjoy the friendship with your yoga mat for much longer! This yoga mat will last significantly longer compared to plastic pvc yoga mats.

unique anti-skid layer for grip

how to choose yoga mat

Natural rubber base for stability, microfiber layer to absorb the moisture and unique top layer for the perfect grip, even if hands are not sweaty (yet).

this yoga mat made a difference

Sustainable yoga mat from recycled plastic bottles

Instead of producing microfiber from raw materials, we recycled 27 PET plastic bottles to make the middle layer of flow yoga mat.

we restore colour green

we restore colour green

We celebrate your purchase and together with ecologi we plant the trees around the World to restore the colour green!

Responsible packaging

We believe that minimal is the future.

Carbon free shipping

We come to you eco. Where ever you are.

30 days return

Check our returns policy for more info.