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Yogi holding an Earth in his hands. How to be ecofriendly

Throughout our yogic journey, we have encountered many yogis, teachers, and studio owners who do not understand the negative impact of plastic pollution from PVC yoga mats and the detrimental effect they have on the Planet. To them, PVC yoga mats are attractive because they are either extremely cheap and easy to replace, or as some brands claim - will last a lifetime. In any of these cases PVC yoga mats will reach the end of Life and will end up as a waste. The disposal and recycling process for PVC is hazardous to various degrees, which makes this material far from being environmentally friendly. 

Our moment of enlightenment came when we realized that over 300 million people across the world practice yoga. This means that hundreds of millions of plastic waste from discarded yoga mats fill landfills each year, and over a thousand more are produced each day to replace them, adding to environmental degradation and pollution.

From this realization, yogigo was conceived to inspire yogis to live a Mindful Yogic Lifestyle and encourage them to choose eco. We believe a pure yogic lifestyle is a wholesome journey of inspiration, and by putting our planet first, we can inspire other yogis to live eco.

Quality Yoga mats with a green tick of approval

yogigo is one of the fastest-growing eco-friendly yoga brands in Europe, producing high-quality yoga mats and accessories, specially crafted for mindful yogis across the globe. We are on a mission to create a community of yogis who are not afraid to lead by example, dedicated to standing for the future of our planet by making the yoga practice kinder to the environment for a greener, more sustainable future.

The Ideal Yoga Companion

Our yoga mats, yoga towels, and yoga props are made from the finest organic ingredients, ethically sourced from the environment, and recycled plastic bottle derived microfiber. They are skillfully crafted to perfection and engraved with colourful designs that help you stimulate your awakening.

For improved comfort – and fewer slips as you enjoy your wholesome yogic experience, our non-slip yoga mats have enough cushioning and extra grip, helping you maintain your physical and spiritual balance.

Illustration credits: Sebastian Aravena